Social Media Press Releases

This is not about Social Media Press Releases, but social media press releases – ie press releases about social media.

I was having a search through Response Source this evening and found two news releases that caught my eye.

The first was New research reveals only one in ten UK organisations have a dedicated social media budget, and the second Social Media Trends Are Shifting To Networks That Add Real Life Value.

The first thing that struck me is that for news discussing social media, the headlines are both inexplicably long! Most social media bloggers probably won’t be fussed to read such a lengthy subject line if it falls in their inbox, letalone read the rest of the press release.

The second thing that stood out was that neither piece of news appeared on either agency’s blog – this could have driven traffic to each blog as well as given bloggers something within the social media sphere to link to and talk about – the SEO benefits of this are obvious.

I think it’s great that traditional PR agencies acknowledge the importance of social media and the role that it is playing in the current communications landscape and the forward velocity that the space is accruing. It’s also great that they’re putting time and resources into doing research that is contributing to the discussions that are taking place in PR.

What we must be careful of within the industry is using the term ‘social media’ as an all encompassing term digital communications. Social media is, quite frankly, a rubbish name, and does not necessarily reflect the shift (hence the image) that is occurring, but it will have to do.

It is the socialisation of media that is driving the changes in the way that brands communicate with their customers and wider public, not a new fangled platform such as Twitter. It might be a nice bandwagon to jump for the time being, but it will not be long before the next new thing arrives and changes the landscape once again, something that the marketing industry would do well to remember.


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