Bing and Twitter: Real Time Search Just Got Interesting

Techcrunch reported earlier today that Microsoft’s Bing is set to become fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

The report said:

The deals will integrate real time updates from users of the services into search results. Google and Bing aren’t good at pulling in this real time data today because of the need to constantly index user pages, and the difficulty in knowing when those pages have been updated. Users have turned to Twitter Search and other real time search engines like Topsy and OneRiot to get this information.

It goes on to say that this integration won’t take place for “a few weeks” and asks two questions:

First, what will Google’s response to the Bing announcements be? And second, is Bing paying for this data?

This isn’t a shock as such, Business Insider said:

We’ve been expecting Microsoft to pipe-in Twitter since Bing began experimenting with the service in July. Word broke earlier this month that Twitter was in talks with Google and Microsoft about licensing its data stream.

What is really interesting for me is that we are seeing the first tentative steps towards a major real-time search engine. Yes we have lots of small independent search engines as the report acknowledges, but we are now seeing a major player in the online world look to take existing technology and use it within existing search results.

Will Microsoft then take this and invest heavily to reduce running costs and develop the technology even further?

There is also the issue of SEO, and how the deal will affect the way that data is presented. Web Pro News said:

The roots of search engine optimization really haven’t changed that much. Creating great and fresh content is still your best bet. That’s what people will share, and that’s what will be considered relevant for searches it pertains to.


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