A-Z With Ash

Ash, one of the last surviving bands from the pre-Britpop era, are still going strong and will be touring up and down the country in support of their singles tour. Their latest single is True Love 1980.

The tour takes 26 venues in alphabetical order, with musical hotspots such as Aldershot, Exmoor and Ventnor expecting a visit from the trio.

I liked this idea – it’s a different way to arrange a tour and get Ash’s music out to fans who may not otherwise get a chance to see them play, as well as giving them a decent news hook to talk to us bloggers about.

If you’d like me to send you an MP3 of True Love 1980, just leave a comment!


5 thoughts on “A-Z With Ash

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  2. Look forward to some free Ash and will be posting about the group soon on my floorboards blog. Just can’t decide between Girl From Mars or Kung Fu – so many great tunes…

  3. Great idea promoting the new Ash tour via Twitter with the promise of a free MP3 but fucking annoying if you don’t keep to the deal despite a number of DMs asking for it.

    Matt, Social media is a two way thing you so obviously don’t get…

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