Damien Hirst: Wallace Collection

Damien Hirst is currently featured at the Wallace Collection in London, with his new exhibition “no love lost, blue paintings”.

From The Wallace Collection

From The Wallace Collection

I’ve never been to the Wallace Collection and being a fan of Damien Hirst, I dragged Sarah along to visit on Saturday.

The Wallace Collection is a museum in an old London town house, a stone’s throw from Oxford Street. It displays mainly 17th-19th century French Renaissance art and ceramics, but the most famous piece is probably The Laughing Cavalier.

I found it compelling then, to see Damien Hirst, the bad boy of Brit Art, exhibiting his latest work in such opulent surroundings. I suppose it is however, a natural instinct to side with authority and then bring it down from the inside…

I particularly enjoyed the way that the pieces were totally out of context with the rooms in which they were housed, a grandly understated pair of open spaces which were not as obvious a sign of the grandeur throughout the rest of the building.

The pieces themselves, dark and brooding, seem to me to be bringing into question the nature of death and the way that the everyday consumerables that we feast ourselves on, eventually lead to our demise. Faint lines between skulls and inanimate objects seem to justify this supposition.

This video sees Damien talking about the collection in further depth. Again, this is from the Wallace Collection’s website.

I highly recommend taking an hour or two to wander round the Wallace Collection, and then focus on Damien Hirst’s exhibition – it is a great mix of two opposite styles of art, process and thought.

The collection is free, and the show runs until January 24th 2010.


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