Facebook World Peace Project

peace.facebook.comFacebook want to bring about world peace by connecting people from “some of the most bitterly divided areas of the planet, encouraging online friendships between Jews and Muslims, US liberals and conservatives, and Turks and Greeks”, the Guardian reported tonight.

The initiative is being run in conjunction with Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab and is part of the larger Peace Dot community project that has also just been launched.

Peace on Facebook says that In the U.S., 7.81% believe that world peace can be achieved, and asks “How can we grow this number?”.

The page itself aims to show this growth with a series of real-time graphs displaying different connections between groups according to religion, geography and politics. The data from this will be really interesting to see over the next few months. There is also a comment stream running on the page which encourages users to leave their thoughts on world peace.

So, can Facebook bring about world peace? I don’t know that it will, but what it will do is propogate that message through the third largest community on the planet.

You can follow the Peace Dot programme on Twitter @PeaceDot.


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