Twitter Lists

So, Twitter lists are being rolled out and if you haven’t already had the option to create lists added to your profile, you will shortly.

The idea is that you can create lists of followers, much like setting up separate groups in Tweetdeck, to better help you organise the way you follow particular streams.

A good example of this is Dan’s list of Edelman peeps…

You can follow this list by clicking on the ‘follow’ icon at the top of the page.

You will also notice that your main dashboard will change, with the number of tweets you’ve posted now replaced by the number of lists you are on – your tweets are now placed under your username.

So a couple of questions for thought…

Will Twitter lists end up being just another popularity contest?

Is the next measure of a brand’s twitter popularity the number of lists is appears on?

Should you be able to opt-out of being on someone else’s list?

Should you be notified when you are added to a list?

Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Twitter Lists

  1. Precisely what I thought last night – I think a lot of people will use lists as a measurement of their popularity. But what happens when spammers decide they also want to make lists, huh?

    To answer your questions:

    1)Popularity contest: Probably but I hope not! I think it’s quite useful to see how people see you though…

    2) Brands: the lists could be useful indicator to see how people percive the brand in a qualitative way – for e.g. brands I like / interesting brands

    3) If the list name is offensive then yes, you should be able to opt out…

    4) You can see how many people have added you to their lists, and I personally don’t really need notifications

    Good post Matt – very well done!

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