Crowd Sourcing The World via Twitter

Crowd Sourcing via Twitter has been made easier through the Introduction of Twitter Lists in the last few weeks. So much so that Irish Digital PR agency Simply Zesty are “using crowdsourcing to create county lists of Twitter users”.

The press release says:

“The company have set a limit of 72 hours per country, to gather as many users as possible. The idea is to create lists by area that anyone can use and also to produce a map showing which areas are the most active on Twitter. The experiment started in Ireland on Tuesday morning and in under than 24 hours they had spread it to the UK and America, due to the high demand.”


On the Simply Zesty blog, Lauren Fisher said:

We want to put new Twitter lists to great use by creating lists of every single person using Twitter in Ireland. We want to do using twitter itself and we want to use the power of crowd sourcing to do it. All you have to do is tweet the message below and we will collect all the tweets and add them to the lists for each county. We will then publish the results and have a full twitter list of users for each of the 32 counties as an incredible public list for the Irish public to use.

Now this ties in to where I think Twitter lists will be at their most useful – as a resource. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t thihnk that creating a “top techies” list is particularly helpful, and of course could backfire spectacularly if you omit someone. However, if you’re creating a resource that is say, all the folk who work for xxx, then lists become incredibly powerful.

It’s an interesting project Lauren and her gang are running and I look forward to seeing the outcome.


One thought on “Crowd Sourcing The World via Twitter

  1. Great Post thank you!

    I create my lists by interest, but the problem is that people don’t follow that lists they are members of. Why? Is it because the service just launch and need time to become more popular between users?

    Thank you in advance!

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