WordPress Location Integration

WordPress is getting in on the location game, reported Mashable yesterday.

Mashable says that “[Wordpress.com] bloggers that host their sites on WordPress.com automatically attach their location to individual blog posts. Doing so will also make your post searchable by location, so other users can find blog posts from specific places.”

Jane Wells wrote on the WordPress blog:

“Starting today, when you log in to write a post, you have the option of identifying your location. For browsers that support it, we can get this information automatically through the magic of 21st century technology and you just have to double-check to make sure the location is correct. You can also enter your location manually. This feature is opt-in, meaning that if you don’t want anyone to know where you were when you wrote a post, that’s okay.”

The ability to search for posts by location is being held off until more data has been accrued.

To enable geotagging, “you must first activate the feature in your profile. Go to your blog’s admin and click “Users” → “Your Profile” from the admin menu.

Once you see the map, there are several ways of inputing your location.

* Type an address in the “Enter address” box, then click the “Find Address” button.
* Click the map at the location you want.
* Click the “Auto Detect” button.

The Auto Detect feature attempts to figure out where your computer is automatically. If your computer has a GPS device built in (many mobile phones do, for example), it will use that to determine your location. Some browsers also support the W3C Geolocation API and/or the Google Gears Geolocation API. If your browser supports one of those APIs, the API will be used to determine a best guess for your location. If all else fails, WordPress.com will try to guess your location from your computer’s IP address.”

Under “My Location”, click the checkbox to “Enable Geotagging”.”

I think the ability to geotag content is a great step forward for bloggers – it will help to build communities and introduce new people into conversations they may otherwise have missed.

I have turned this feature on, so soon you’ll be able to find me as a London Blogger in Kilburn!


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