Tumblr Stats

Tumblr have revealed some stats that tell us a lot about their growth and how the service is used, taken from Techcrunch:

20 million unique vistors in October
420 million impressions in total
2 million Tumblr bloggers
40 million new posts per month
10,000 new users each day
85% of users are continually active after sign up
35% use Tumblr on Facebook
30% of Tumblr’s users have downloaded the bookmarklet
15% downloads the company’s iPhone application

And all this with just 10 full time employees.

I’ve had a play with Google Ad Planner to try and get some UK specific numbers, so here they are:

Unique visitors (estimated cookies) 840K
Unique visitors (users) 390 K
Reach 0.9%
Page views 13 M
Total visits 1.8 M
Avg visits per visitor 4.6
Avg time on site 9:50
64% of it’s users are male (36% female)

0-17 8%
18-24 27%
25-34 32%
35-44 16%
45-54 11%
55-64 4%
65+ 2%

Do you use Tumblr? What do you think of it?


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