B-Uncut Online Gallery

Lolly very kindly invited me to the launch event of B-Uncut,an online gallery cum art community which showcases work by artists from all over the world, providing them with a platform to sell their work, AND, make money, connecting them with the picture loving public.

Sadly I couldn’t make it to the launch, but I was enthused by what she’d told me. I am, after all, all in on getting art (of any nature) out in the public domain by any means necessary.

The aim of B-Uncut is to ‘re-define’ the art world. A noble and challenging cause. 945 artists have so far signed up, and more are joining each day, uploading their work into an online ‘studio space’ in front of 80,000 eyeballs every month.

And of those eyeballs, stimulation comes from a whopping 945 artists, whose material is available in the B-Uncut store. Lolly very kindly allowed me to pilfer my favourite piece as an intro – the image you see above you is untitled by Sandra Wray (you know I love Howard Hodgkin and Damien Hirst so the choice was obvious).

The marketing bumpf tells me: “our artists keep 80% of the total amount of the pieces they sell, whilst the remaining 20% help us run our website, blog and do things like put on events.”

Nice. I wish the music industry was as forgiving.

The website itself is very easy to use and I really enjoyed navigating the various artists’ work, which always helps when working out what you want to adorn your walls!

Each week a new artist is selected to have their work featured on the B-Uncut homepage, a great way to get noticed.

I think this project is great, and if their projected numbers are met (they want 10,000 artists by 2013) they will have proven that whilst art is wanted by not affordable, nobody will trouble the artists for their wares – make the medium accessible and all of sudden you create your own demand. I like that, and of course the best part is that the artists keep the majority of the cash that passes through B-Uncut’s hands. Genius.


5 thoughts on “B-Uncut Online Gallery

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  3. I came to b-uncut through Sandra and I am ever so happy I did. It is fantastic that her work has been selected to be featured. A committed and hard working artists, I pride myself of having witnessed Sandra’s beginnings as a painter after a well established career as ceramicist, that naturally lead her into the bi-dimensional realms of painting. Her work has taken -grown- a course from a rich array of swirling brushstrokes, meandering through the picture surface to more complex and angular compositions where graphic elements -graphisms- alternate with broad sections of colour. Her work is infused with a particular energy that demands careful analysis of its dynamics. The way it is expressed deserves a detailed critique. Well done!

  4. It’s a shame you didn’t make it Matt, I have to say Sandra’s work really appealed to me and it was great chatting with her about the creative process she goes though. I’ve started saving for a piece of it!

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