Who wants to be a social media guru?

I just received this through LinkedIn:

Subject: Social Media Guru


Due to rapid growth, I am looking for social media gurus for fascinating social media consultancy projects with high impact individuals, brands, businesses, public sector and third sector organisations. Projects range from one off dashboard analysis and training right through to strategic consultancy secondment to client offices. These are all creme de la creme clients demonstrating a real commitment to social media.

The work I do is on the very cutting edge of social media strategy and implementation so I am seeking individuals currently at the top of their game, with demonstrable superior intellectual horsepower, ingenuity in thinking and a pragmatic approach to delivery.

If you are a social media analyst with extensive experience of deriving actionable insight from social media monitoring dashboards, I would be especially interested to hear from you.

To be considered, please submit a CV or credentials document to me via email. Please include case studies of past projects you have worked on directly and an outline of your fees structure in your application.

No recruitment agencies please.

Kind Regards

[name omitted]

I don’t mind people getting in touch a job opportunities, it is of course, very flattering (I’m quite happy where I am thanks for asking) and shows that someone has added your name to a database somewhere for some reason.

However, if you’re going to invite me to be considered to be a part of your organisation I’d recommend a couple of things:

1) Include my name in the e-mail
2) Don’t say “If you are a social media analyst” – the whole reason you’re getting in touch is because I am a social media analyst
3) Don’t add “No recruitment agencies please” at the end
4) Make your e-mail look as less spammy as possible

Anyway, if the above opportunity sounds exactly like the sort of thing you’re looking for, you’re bound to be disappointed with this blog post.

If it’s the sort of opportunity that makes you react how I did, check out The Social Media Guru.

UPDATE:Looks like Rachel Clarke had exactly the same message, nice non-use of social media to recruit for social media then…


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