Euroblogosphere Development

I stumbled across a group of bloggers who are at the very cusp of developing their community as I was travelling around the Internet on Saturday, and it got me thinking about how blogging communities start, grow and where do they end?

I was intrigued by Joe Litobarski’s post, a response to the proposal that a Euroblogosphere and community isn’t emerging.

In it, Joe argues that there is no Euroblogosphere as such, but sets himself the challenge of building one (wow, tough cookie!) from the embryonic communities that already exist.

He says that:

This might mean pulling even further back from hardcore European politics – and focusing more on European life. It might mean translating bits and pieces from national blogospheres for the English-speaking Euroblogosphere. What I definitely think it means is sharing skills learned and best-practices between bloggers. I’m going to try to work harder with other European bloggers to improve their own blogging, and ask for their help in improving mine.

To do this, Joe has organised a Euroblogger meetup taking place over Twitter using #euroblog, Google Wave and Skype on December 3rd from 20:00 GMT.

I think this is a great idea and i’ll be watching with interest to see how the Eurobloggers unite and start to build the foundations of a community as strong as those like the Mummy or Tech Bloggers.

There are many individuals writing about their views on European policies and culture, but these tend to be very localised as far as I can see – there are very few writing about Europe as a whole and I’ll be interested to see how the work of a few individuals will affect this.

This sprt of meetup is of course a regular occurrence in London, and Andy Bargery has provided the focal point for this – I wonder if Joe will fill the same role, only on a European scale?


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