MySpace Music officially launches in the UK

Myspace Music has officially launched in the UK. Stuart Dredge pointed out that, despite an embargo preventing him from writing about the service’s launch, a Myspace designer tweeted about it’s launch 17 minutes before the media were (in theory) allowed to publish anything.

Stuart has acknowledged this on Music Ally.

UPDATE: Now the embargo has passed, you can read Stuart’s thoughts here

What this has demonstrated is that in the world of social media, the embargo is a threatened beast, and what better way to annoy a blogger than to give them an embargo and then break it. I’m sure the Myspace designer didn’t mean to break an embargo and was harmlessly sharing his excitement of the service going live.

It’ll be interesting to see if this inadvertent slip has any affect on how the service is received or how the social media sphere discusses it. It will also be interesting to see how sustainable the service is as users, used to spam and becoming widely regarded as behind the curve as Myspace itself falters, sign up (or don’t).


3 thoughts on “MySpace Music officially launches in the UK

  1. In recent months, this has really frustrated me too, not so much from Twitter, but there’s been occasions where I’ve signed an NDA so I couldn’t publish a blog post, but have then had other blogs publish ahead me because they either broke the NDA or had another source of information.

    Frustrating and uncertain times for sure, especially if you’re one of the people adhering to NDAs.

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  3. I bet he didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Myspace Music is a really good product, I like it a lot. They have many features which are unique and are really helpful for music maniacs like myself ;) I think he was over excited about it =)

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