The Sway

On Tuesday last week, I was invited by SIan Meades to speak briefly and kick off a debate about disclosure in the blogosphere at a networking event called The Sway.

I did my bit following speakers from Last, and Gary Andrews, James Whatley and Daniel from London Interesting.

This was my first Sway and I was really interested by the format the evening takes: there are two talks, followed by a chat with that month’s sponsors, a quick break for everyone to get their breath, before two speakers are invited to kick off a couple of debates where each person only has 2 minutes to make their argument before the floor is opened up for the audience to get stuck in.

The presentations themselves were interesting and extremely useful, but it was the debate where I think The Sway really saw a different value added to the social media sphere. At LBM for example, there is always several presentations and then the attendees go about their chatting/drinking etc on their own.

The opportunity then, to enter into a debate, was a new prospect from a personal point of view.

It was really interesting to get different points of view from people who I rarely get to speak with, and to watch the debate taking place was great. It’s very easy to become ensconsed in our own social media bubble and we can forget why we’re doing what we’re doing and how it can affect a wider sphere of influence than we can imagine.

It is also very easy to forget that most people don’t know what social media is…

I hope to make the next Sway and I hope that there will be more time afforded to the debate so that everyone gets an opportunity to share their insights.


3 thoughts on “The Sway

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