Thinking of Themes Not Places

Chris Osburn came out with something at The Sway, that really got me thinking. Chris was talking about his involvement with a Last iPhone app which aims to provide you with the best places to go in London for whatever you like (cakes, cricket, cocktails etc), when he said:

Think of London as a collection of themes, not places

This resonated and has really stuck with me the more I’ve thought about it.

I like the idea that humans are a collection of thoughts, ideas and feelings that thread themselves through the universe – a collision of different memes – and perhaps it played to that.

If we lok at London as a conscience with different ideas and themes running through it, art, music, architecture, and ignore the way that it is divided by borough, culture and politic, it seems all of a sudden an even more vibrant place, living and breathing.

Think of the timings of how different chains of shops open and switch on their lights, or the way that the buses and trains are timetabled for example.

Each is seperate but totally inclusive in the flow of people, information and shape the direction that the city moves in, ignorant of where we’re from or where we’re going, and I like that.

I wonder if we all thought in themes and not places, how different things might be.

What do you think?


One thought on “Thinking of Themes Not Places

  1. Thanks for having a think about what I said. Yeah, it’s a much more interesting and often more fruitful way to see the world.

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