Argh – there’s no news, what do I do?!

Christmas and New Year is always a bit of a weird time for me. I am an Information junkie, happy to admit it by the way, and I always find the shutdown of the media a wrench.

News stops being reported on as the journalists that feed our souls with opinion, fact and coincidence go off on their holidays, save only for the odd high profile incident.

News doesn’t stop happening of course, it’s just that with fewer people writing about it, it appears that there is less news.

I think that many people welcome this after 12 months of information saturation, well, I don’t :) It is, to me, the perfect time for news to be reported. Everyone is at home with access to TV, radio and the Internet and will be likely watching news at some point – so why not report doubly hard to get people’s attention, with in-depth investigative reporting instead of useless TV show repeats?

I assume i’m in the minority here of course… ;)

It’s also interesting to see who remains on Twitter throughout this period sharing content as well the usual personal nuggets, instead of disappearing completely until the return to work.

What d’you think? Do you like the week long break or do you find it difficult to cope?


2 thoughts on “Argh – there’s no news, what do I do?!

  1. Drives me crazy. Why don’t we watch the news at Christmas? It’s replaced with cartoons and Catherine Tate. This media junkie does not like. Which would explain why instead of watching Notting Hill for the millionth time, I’m nosing through my RSS feed on my iPhone.

    But that said, I think it’s good for me to take a few days off from writing. My batteries need recharging.

  2. Hah, I think you’ve inadvertently touched on something there…

    For all the talk of the demise of traditional media, the very fact that, with the exception of sport, blogs also go quiet suggests that online is still very much influenced by traditional spheres.

    Of course, you could also suggest that this is a great time of year for a blog to publish some great, original journalism and fill the void. But then mainstream media is unlikely to pick up on it, and so on.

    Anyway, as an ex-journo, I know we all did our damndest to get out of reporting over Xmas so we could spend time with our families or just have time off. Plus a lot of institutions we’d need to speak to are also pretty hard to get hold of. And trying to prep things in advance is always a bit of a nightmare.

    Anyway, the Christmas break is good for me – I have more time to blog :)

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