Conducting Social Media Suicide

Web2.0 Suicide Machine is the facilitator of your online death.

It will remove you from the various social networks you’re on at click of a button. Gone, in one swoop, will be your friends, tweets and PMs, as the machine weaves its magic throughout the online landscape.

Currently, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn and Facebook are supported and the team are looking to expand their reach to the likes of Flickr and Plaxo.

We are increasingly finding ourselves across a myriad of different platforms and taking on personas that are suited to each community we are interacting with and engaging within. If, as 751 people so far, you are finding the 2.0 social media world all a bit too much, you could end it all in spectacular fashion.

I’m not sure however, that users of the service are going to be within the ‘social media demographic’ and are likely not to miss the opportunites that social media can provide – be they work or play.

It’s a humourous way to start the year, but not one that I will be following…


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