Interesting developments surrounding Kerry McCarthy, Labour’s ‘Twitter Tsar/Czar’…

There is a growing Internet campaign to see her ousted from her parliamentary seat, driven by #kerryout and Kerry Out.net

The about section of the site says:

“Ironically this promotion [to Twitter Tsar/Czar] has been Kerry McCarthy’s downfall. Her new power and responsibility has highlighted her utter incompetence and unsuitability to serve the House of Commons. Leaving aside her deceitful double furniture claims and her utter contempt of the anger caused by the expenses scandal last year, McCarthy has shown herself to be completely unsuitable to serve the people of Bristol East.

The KerryOut campaign does not believe her conduct befits a public servant. She constantly mischaracterises her opponents, throws tantrums and when backed into a corner resorts to accusing her opponents of racism or sexism. Few of her followers are from her constituency, and few of her tweets regard her constituency – she is constantly engaging in tribal and trite arguments instead of getting on with her job.
Self proclaimed vegan, McCarthy has attempted to paint herself as the new face of accessible politicians.

She is an utter fraud though given the fact that she failed to turn up to the Commons for no fewer than SEVEN votes that would have increased the transparency of Parliament and made her more accountable to her electorate. Incidentally one of the votes she did bother to turn up to was to vote AGAINST external audits of MPs expenses and a block on allowing them to buy more furniture on expenses.”

It’ll be interesting to see if an Internet campaign such as this will a) last until the election b) actually work c) be picked up by the general public and subsequently influence their view and voting

This could be groundbreaking stuff for the UK political sphere IMO…

What do you think?


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