Soundcloud Team Up With Hype Machine

Hot on the heels of the announcement that SoundCloud will now be working with Hype Machine, I’ve just received the following e-mail:

Hi Matt,

we’re sending you a quick email because you’ve indicated in your SoundCloud settings that you’re in the category of Press/Blogger/Podcaster/Media and we have some important news that we think will be of particular interest. Today we’re announcing an integration between ourselves and The Hype Machine. We’re huge fans of The Hype Machine and have a sneaky suspicion that you might be too.

But what does this integration mean?

The Hype Machine now detects SoundCloud players

As you probably know, The Hype Machine aggregates a number of blogs and pulls in the posts and tracks that it finds. They now detect embedded SoundCloud players. So, if you are a blogger this means that you can now use our players and know that your post will show up on the Hype Machine. The Hype Machine won’t currently detect a SoundCloud plain-text download link but we have some really nice new players for premium users including customisable artwork- and mini-players. You only need a Lite account which is just €21 if you use this special 25%-off discount code we’ve created for you:

Sign up here:

The Hype Machine plays back the original track that is hosted on SoundCloud

What’s nice is that once The Hype Machine has detected that the audio comes from a SoundCloud player it can then simply stream the music directly from the SoundCloud servers. This means that if a label or artist has uploaded that music then they get lots of useful information on how much hype their track is getting. And we’re doing all the hard work in terms of streaming the music. That’s what we do best!

It’s super easy to post more music from more original sources

Hopefully this all means that bloggers can be posting more interesting music from more original sources. Most of the public tracks on SoundCloud have a handy little share button so you can grab the embed code. What’s more, we allow you to customize the player or even post directly to WordPress and Blogger. If a label or artist is sending you tracks to put up on your blog then consider asking them to send you the SoundCloud link as well so that you can embed the player. We should stress that we’d encourage you to use tracks that have been already uploaded by the artists or labels of course.

Here’s a few examples, try the share button out for yourself.

Massive Attack:
Owen Pallett:
Lightspeed Champion:

We’d love to get your feedback

We think this is exciting news. Hype Machine and the music blogs serve a massively important role in fans discovering new and interesting music. It’s often the blogosphere that helps new acts break to a wider audience. We’re thrilled to be part of that ecosystem by allowing artists and labels to serve tracks directly to music bloggers via SoundCloud. At the same time we hopefully eliminate a lot of the hustle for bloggers themselves having to re-upload tracks to their own servers or use generic file sharing services like

This is certainly an interesting partnership and could provide us with some great innovations in the coming months.

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