Krafty Kuts DJ Tools iPhone Application

I was intrigued when Lucius from Anorak, one of the UK’s brightest music PR consultancies, sent me a link to this: an iPhone app designed for DJs from Against The Grain.

The app is a sound effects tool which has over 100 pre-loaded samples to add into your set.

I’ve not got an iPhone so I’ve not tried it out, but I thought it worth posting as I know a few people who have one and also DJ.

Some reviews from the App store say…

“This app is a very good idea for a DJ and with the sounds there is no delay so you can do your own vocal hits in real time. Tried and tested on me decks, works spot on, good for a update if you could put the sounds into quick acces folders so you could have fx and vocals in two locations but overall amazing app worth the money. I am glad I am taken the risk in downloading it :-)”

“The app is a nice idea but limited. I mix house music i’m Edinburgh, this is very London style and if that ain’t what u play then it’s not great. I can’t really see anytime I would drop most of the samples in anywhere.”

“Awesome app as other people have said a custom page layout would be nice so you can put the most used effects next to each other. But I can’t recommened this app highly enough. It should add a bit more fun at some house partys soon”

This is another example of how cross-platform integration is occurring as a result of technology catching up with people’s imaginations.

You can download the app here for £2.99.


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