Spaced Gunfight Flash Mob

On March 20th, at an as yet unknown London location, there will be a Spaced flashmob, re-enacting that famous scene from the genius British sitcom Spaced.

A major hat tip must go to my friend Duncan Robinson who spotted and shared :)

I’m always a little sceptical of flashmobs – they seem to now inevitably be a typical PR trick to get try and get some quick win coverage, rather than the mass brief outpouring of something or other that they initially started out as.

However, this seems to be a genuine attempt by a bunch of Spaced fans to bring fans of the show together in one mass finger gunfight face off – genius.

The flashmob has even got the attention of Edgar Wright, one of the brains behind the programme, showing its genuine appeal and ‘real’ feel.

The problem with flashmobs is that they were actually a really good idea to start with: a bunch of people meet somewhere random and do something. However, ‘the success’ of the T-Mobile flashmob series ahs seriously devalued their impact and now always makes me wary whenever I hear of one impending.

A PR agency trying to manufacture one just feels wrong – why bother if you don’t know what the community are already upto? They’re going to be three steps ahead of you anyway, and they might be doing something really cool that you can help out with, as opposed to wasting time and resource creating something that is doomed to fail because the real fans of whatever it is you’re trying to promote won’t touch the event with a ten foot pole.

To get in on the action, visit the Facebook page.

And, to get you in the mood:


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