Twitter and WordPress #fails

On Thursday, WordPress went down for about 2 hours due to a “core router change at one of its data centre providers which “broke the site”.” according to the BBC.

The company said that the blogosphere lost about 5 and a half million page views as a result.

What’s interesting though, is the reaction of the 10 million blog-strong WordPress community. Far from being enraged or outspoken, they twitched their fingers over the F5 key, waiting for normal service to be resumed.

Some of the big boys like Tech Crunch and GigaOm were down and have been considered in their responses to the outage.

Indeed, WordPress’ quick response and constant updates via Twitter seemed to help stem the flow of any sort of frustration, with many users leaving comments of understanding on Matt Mullenweg’s explanatory blog post.

Compare this to the usual firey reaction to those occassions when Twitter goes down, and I think it shows a real difference in the character of the respective communities.

Twitter users, used to instantaneousness and immediacy, cringe and scratch at the mobile devices when the service outs, impatiently waiting for it to be available again.

WordPress users howver seemed to be accepting and just hopeful that their content wouldn’t be lost.

I wonder if this is down to the nature of bloggers, who tend to be in the game for the long run and willing to wait to post, compared to microbloggers who need that stratight away confirmation of content publication?

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Twitter and WordPress #fails

  1. Nitpicking, I know, but just to point out, it was a outage, which is a separate entity to WordPress itself.

    But interesting nevertheless. I would say, however, that goes down far less than Twitter, which will impact people’s responses to outages.

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