Spotify to Stream Jimi Hendrix Video

Spotify, everybody’s favourite music streaming service, is set to stream a video of the new Jimi Hendrix video for Bleeding Heart.

According to a post today on their blog:

The video, which is currently available to view exclusively by users of the Spotify Free service across Europe, kicks off Sony Music’s global promotional campaign for Hendrix’s upcoming album Valleys of Neptune.

The video is being release a few weeks before Jimi’s new album, Valleys of Neptune, which will be available exclusively for Spotify Premium subscribers starting March 4th. Valleys of Neptune features twelve stunning studio recordings tracks, many of which have never been heard before.

This is an exciting development for Spotify and music video streaming.

Of course we can all choose You Tube to find our favourite music videos, but for Spotify to offer exclusive video content, only available to premium members, is a huge step forward for the Swedish company.

It adds another reason to sign up for a premium account and hence make them a little bit more money, but it also begs the question: how soon can they roll out more exclusives, and will this in turn lead to them becoming the main hub for music videos on the net and usurping YouTube in the music space?

What do you think?


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