Facebook Pages

I’ve been playing with Facebook Pages recently for a couple of clients and decided that I wanted to set myself up with one for my music.

I had until a few weeks ago avoided setting up a Facebook Page because I wasn’t sure if it would be of interest to anybody i’m friends with, and didn’t want to spam them any more than I already do.

However, after thinking about the way that Facebook users interact with brand fan pages, I wanted to give it a go and set one up.

We’re seeing a shift in the way people show their support for brands, with a move from buying the product to declaring their fondness via publishing comments about them. This is helping consumers to define their identities, but not be defined by the brands the choose to advocate.

I am of the opinion that people sign up to Pages not to interact, the 100-10-1 rule would indicate that, but more this act is used as a way of promoting their interest, using the text and link that show up on their Facebook profile as a badge.

Facebook Pages allow users to opt-in to being part of a community and this indicates that they are willing to receive information, updates and news, if it is managed in an appropriate manner (ie not publishing one update per hour).

This made me realise that there is no harm in setting up a Page – if people want to join it, they will.

It is now my job to ensure that thecontent I post is relevant and will add some value to their otherwise saturated news streams… eek!


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