Time to blog off?

Recently, i’ve been considering starting a blog looking at life in Kilburn (that’s in North West London) and I’m in two minds whether or not to shoot.

In April I started, and subsequently stalled, when I tried to keep a regularly updated football blog about Watford FC, with whom I have a loving relationship of nigh on 16 years.

I found that I just didn’t have the time or the means to keep it constant and sadly I’ve not really kept it up to date at all as the season has worn on. Maybe if I had more time I could take a step back and get into it again, maybe even start again at the end of this season.

As a music blogger of various titles in the past, I find it much easier to keep CrazyBeatMusic updated. Writing about music and posting videos to cool new music is something I really enjoy and always seem to find time for. Still, I’d like to dedicate much more time to it because it’s something I dearly love doing.

Now I’ve got an itch to get involved in the NW6 blogging scene and to air my tuppence from time to time. To be of any real value though, I think I’d be looking at posting one or two pieces a week.

I’m concerned that even at this rate, i’d not be able to take time out and considerately construct content that would be of use and value to anyone who would stumble upon it.

This blog has kind of turned from random thoughts, to social media and digital communications, and now it seems to cover a range of topics, all connected by the pervasiveness (or lack of) that digital culture, communities and discussion points in the new communications era seems to have, be it through technology, music or marketing.

I don’t know if I have the time and will to invest in scratching my localised itch at this time and this concerns me greatly. I see Seldom Seen Kid as a notepad that I can try and rationalise my thoughts on, that a small group of people whom i’m grateful for, seem to keep coming back to read, regardless of whether it’s thoughts on football, twitter, or the digital economy bill.

So I might just throw the odd localised thought up on here, to keep everything together, even though it will be semingly off-topic for what is a primarily a digital culture blog.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Time to blog off?

  1. I hear you my friend! I barely have time to blog on blog till you drop these days. We do have a local blog in Clapham, http://www.loveclapham.com/ which is a lovely resource for Clapamites…

    Why don’t you try to look for contributors and set up a collaborative blog? I can hook you up with the guys at Gumtree and I am sure we can put out an ad / help you promote your initiative and find contributors

  2. Lump it. I’d like it.

    After all, you could develop a form of header to filter it if people wanted. A kind of digital doorman to guide your choice.

    After all, I’m certain that what makes people good in a job is made up from what they do outside of that job. So I’d bet that life in NW6 and Watford FC influence your views on the digital world somehow.

    To sum up: Go for it, it’s all who you are. And why people read your blog.

  3. i would love to contribute. have lived in NW6, moving back there by the summer so although wouldn’t provide much content to begin with, once back in the area I’ll happily write.
    Definitely do it.

  4. Do it.

    It always bemuses me that people will reveal so much on line but won’t say hello to their next door neighbours. Anything that creates community *in the real world* is to be encouraged.

    And as Joergen says, get guest bloggers from day 1. If I lived in Kilburn I would. Or I’ll write you a visitor from W14 post.

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