Will Cheap CDs Lead To More Music Sales?

A poll by Mashable, social media guardians of the web, would indicate that yes, yes they will!

In an article discussing record label Universal’s decision to make deluxe CDs cheaper, when asked “Will you buy “deluxe” CDs for under $10?” Mashable’s community said:

Yes, primarily because I like artwork and other content that’s included with deluxe CDs. 32% (869 votes)
Yes, primarily because price was previously the primary barrier to buying CDs. 26% (702 votes)
No. There’s nothing that would make me buy CDs. I only do digital downloads now. 30% (817 votes)
No. While I might consider buying CDs again, the labels still have to do something more. 13% (361 votes)
Total Votes: 2,749

Nearly two thirds of people would start buying CDs which are cheaper and come with extra content.

To me this indicates that people are not only still willing to pay for music, but that the record industry may have found a solution to its problems – namely slower sales and music piracy.

This of course won’t prevent file sharing but may help to encourage some consumers to dip back into their wallets and start spending money on music again which is something that will benfit everyone.

As ever in the 21st century communications melting pot, getting the balance between giving away content and monetisation of content is key and this is a step in the right direction.


4 thoughts on “Will Cheap CDs Lead To More Music Sales?

  1. It’s an interesting one, isn’t it. While you can’t help but think cds are dying, as is often the case, content is king. Additional content on cds (bonus tracks etc) could be the solution.

    Personally I’m a bit old skool – I like owning a physical cd and, as you say, seeing the artwork and reading the info. But I’m increasingly in a minority. I hope the music industry comes up with something, but whether it does remains to be seen…

  2. I doubt that this would be the way to go: Lower CD prices in general will certainly help; however, the point of items like deluxe editions is to segment the market according to the willingness (often stupidity) to pay—and lowering the price would be contrary to their purpose.

    With some over-simplification: There is supposed to be a deluxe version that costs 50 cents more to produce and distribute, but that sells for $10 more to the die-hard fans, the birthday-gift givers, and those who are too rich or stupid to care about the price difference.

    Possibly, an alternative could be found where the artwork and bonus tracks are distributed even with cheaper CDs, while deluxe editions are set apart in some other manner. (Off the top of my hand, options like a cover in unusual materials, an included autograph, or some kind of online gimmick could be workable options.) However, I would not count on much flexibility from the music industry.

  3. I’m 19 and buy Vinyl… But I am a pointless nostalgic soo… Cd’s seem too meh.

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