SEO Myth Buster Event

On Friday April 9th, thupr are hosting a meetup to discuss SEO.

According to the press release, conversation topics will range from:

… basic on-line PR tactics such as on-line press releases, linking and syndicated content, through to the ethics of issues such as ‘pay per post’ and the influence of activity such as PPC/Google Adwords.

Jointly organised by PR consultant Claire Thompson, Waves PR, and blogger and digital marketer Murray Newlands, the event aims to provide a ‘myth busting’, open, environment to sharpen people’s understanding of SEO, particularly anyone is who selling their writing skills, from PR people to bloggers.

Judith Lewis will also be delivering a keynote.

I think this is an interesting way to share ideas and experiences about SEO, and the way that it’s importance has changed, is changing and will continue to change.

Date: Friday April 9, 2010
Time: 2pm-6pm
Venue: Centre for Creative Collaboration (London, close to Kings Cross, London)
To attend: sign up on the thupr meetups site (This event is free to attendees, although the venue will dictate limits to numbers)

Future events include:

Friday, May 14: a full day session on content creation and sharing
Friday, June 25: cleaning up communications


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