Pledge Music to work with Underground Heroes

Pledge Music, a Direct to Fan music company, has signed a deal with UK punk group Underground Heroes to “offer fans the chance to be part of the making and release of their brand new album, alongside a wide range of exciting premium incentives which include unprecedented access to the band & exclusive merchandise.”

Alex from Anorak got in touch with this, an following my blog post a couple of days ago about D2F, I thought it was worth sharing.

The press release says:

Since launching last year Pledge Music has already initiated hugely successful campaigns for, among others, Jack Bruce, Duke Special, Madina Lake, and Danish superstar Tina Dico, all of whom received an overwhelming response from their fans.

Underground Heroes, who are embarking on an extensive UK tour throughout May, will also be playing a ‘pledgers only’ show later in the year and fans joining in this campaign will have access to a ‘pledgers only updates’ page on the Pledge Music website throughout the making of the album where the band will be sharing exclusive updates, messages, videos, demos, rough mixes, blogs and photos.

The band has also committed to giving a percentage of any monies they raise via Pledge Music to charity and have nominated the Teenage Cancer Trust to be the beneficiaries.

Given the relevance of this paradigm shift in music marketing, and the importance I think this can have within traditional media communications channels, it’s a great example of how simply the theory can be applied.

I want to see consumer brands take on this approach and to give more back to the people who support them, whether they buy their products or not – it’s about adding value at every stage of the consumption cycle.

The Underground Heroes pledge campaign is now live and interested pledgers should visit for more information.


One thought on “Pledge Music to work with Underground Heroes

  1. I’d say the real key is to build a real community for each artist. Thats the only way to enable real recommendations via word of mouth and trigger real fan relationships. Ta!

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