Track In The Box

Track In The Box is a free daily music newsletter that helps you cut through the multitude of music blogs and aggregators out there, to help you discover (and sometimes rediscover) great bands.

It’s not often i’ll copy and paste press releases verbatim, but I thought this was worth sharing in it’s entirety.

Track In The Box will give you a track in your box every day (your inbox that is). But these aren’t just picked by your average Joe, they are tracks picked by trusty music-types including Will Street (Chess Club), Jemima Kiss (Guardian), Michael Lewin (Notion Magazine), Jon Brookes (The Charlatans), Paul Bliss (Blissfields Festival) and Tom Hannan (RockFeedback). With future tracks to be picked by the likes of Fred Fellowes (Secret Garden Party), it’s an effortless way of receiving something new in your inbox without you so much as having to trawl the blogs.

Track In The Box

The Green House Group created Track In The Box in November as a way of sharing music with friends. According to Green House Group Dirtector, Brittney Bean, “we were always being asked by friends to recommend them songs and new bands, so we decided to start a mailing list where we sent one great track each day – we figured we might as well make it public, and then even offer exclusives and free downloads to everyone.

“There’s so much great music, both new and old, and it’s really fun for us to discover great music all the time so we wanted to share that with other people,” she continues. “There’s also nothing better than finding an old track that you love and haven’t listened to for ages. If we can support the bands that we love and think deserve exposure, then that’s really great as well.” – Green House Group.

Past tracks have been by artists such as Gaggle (Transgressive), Alan Pownall (Mercury), Lulu and the Lampshades, Scary Mansion, Not Squares, Windmill (Melodic). Dont worry if you have been missing out up until now, a number of these great tracks are also available to download for free on their website.

You can start receiving a track in your box every day at, and follow them on Twitter


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