Tunited is a Midge Ure founded independent music community.

Tunited’s four objectives sound rather appealing:

Make music together online, sell direct to fans and get paid more

Find new music to Love

Share it and help shape the scene

Change the Music industry for good

I could buy into this…

* Tunited will provide a platform for independent artists where they are not in competition with the power of the major labels. It will be a level playing field where artists are not judged on which label they are signed to or even if they are signed to a label at all, but they are judged on the quality of their music and how they engage with their fans.

* Tunited will be a hive to stoke creativity and encourage collaboration and community between music makers and music lovers, meaning more music and more choice for listeners.

* We believe in a meritocracy where the cream rises to the top, not a system where few are the arbitrators of the tastes of the many. Tunited will give music the chance to filter up our systems organically. That way, the best music will be recognised, regardless of the size of their marketing budgets or charm of their pluggers.

* We will equip artists with basic business principles, enabling them to make the best, most cost-effective choices to promote their music and empowering them to move forward.

* We believe music should be liberated, not free. We will explain to listeners what the true cost of music is, helping them to decide which bands they want to invest their time, money and passion into.

* We are committed to seeing musicians being paid for the music they produce. Tunited will be investing in artists by giving them 100% of profits from their downloads – a rate better than iTunes. There are other companies out there who promise to pay through 100% of royalties earned on iTunes, while charging you for the service. Tunited will not make a single penny of profit from downloads sold on our site.

* We, at Tunited, believe in a fairer deal for artists through transparency. There are no secrets here. We’ll let you know the why, where, how and who of everything on our site and give you a context to place it in. For example, we will be showing you where every penny goes of a 79p download.

Artists are fairly rewarded for their work, and the open sharing ethic is of course something I’m very keen to see more of. The claim that artists will receive a greater deal than iTunes is interesting, especially given the increasing competition to the service as a distribution platform.

The one worry of course, is that the growth of D2F services such as this may dilute the potential audience for new unsigned artists which begs the question, will we see a Spotify equivalent emerge for the unsigned scene?

The service goes live tomorrow (April 29th) and to keep upto date with what’s going on, check out the Tunited blog.

Like all good social media practitioners, Tunited are also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace.


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