Elephant Parade London

Elephant in LondonThe Elephant London Parade is a project by www.elephantfamily.org which sees 250 elephants individually designed and handpainted, dotted all across the capital.

Running until June 23, the arrival of the colourful quadrupeds is designed to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant which is potentially 30 years away from extinction.

There’s a whole bunch of artists involved, all of whom have created the colour schemes which adorn the elephants, giving each one a unique character and personality.

You can buy replicas of each scuplture in three different sizes, coming in at around £20, £35 and £50, from a store in Carnaby Street.

You can follow Elephant Family on Twitter, or get news and updates on their Facebook page.

The Londonist have a great video looking at one of the more unusual elephants which also definitely worth having a watch of.

It’s a great installation and really captures the spirit of the pre-summer, nay spring, months.


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