NME and Webjam want new bands

Webjam and the NME have teamed up to “to give bands the opportunity to get exposure not only online, but also in the magazine and at events throughout the year.”

The NME has a tradition for ‘breaking’ new bands, with it’s Radar section a particularly useful way to spot what’s hot, and this partnership would seem to be a natural extension to this area of the magazine’s niterests.

Webjam is a…

“social publishing and engagement solutions provider enabling you to connect with your customers and employees. Webjam allows companies to manage their online reputation into a single branded environment, in which content is created and shared easily, communities grow naturally and social media networks integrate seamlessly.”

The press release says:

NME has teamed up with Webjam to design, build and host a fully interactive online community for more than 4.2 million unique users from NME.com. NME Breakthrough provides a bespoke platform for artists to upload music, embed video content from other social networking sites such as YouTube, and grow their own fan-bases through community engagement.

Through NME Breakthrough, users can listen to their favourite bands, become fans and most importantly are able to rate their favourite songs and videos online. Based on Webjam’s ratings system and voted completely by users, the best artists and tracks are featured on the site the best artists and music receive coverage in the magazine and will perform at upcoming events. Live news feeds are also available all from one website, providing a complete platform for music fans.

The NME have tried to host this sort of initiative before, but it’s interesting that they’ve decided to give their control over hosting and sharing new music to a third party, allowing them to concentrate on the music side of the offering.

It’s another interesting development in the online music arena and it’s bound to be popular what with the NME’s huge pull for new bands.


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