Re-entering 1970

The 1960’s were wildly heralded as a golden age for freedom, free thinking and approaching life with heart rather than head. This is especially true when considering the hippie movement and swinging London.

What followed was a realisation in the 1970’s that the idealism and hope of that halcyon period essentially came to nothing, and a scaling back of opportunity and an era of austerity beckoned.

With the increasing discussion and controversy over Facebook privacy settings, availability of data and control over content and conversations on the Internet, I believe we are following a similar path in the evolution of the Internet.

1969 is the equivalent of the great opening up of data and elimination of boundaries, with 1970 echoing the increasing concern over Facebook’s use and sharing of user data and increasing control from large companies over what content can and cannot be published, shared and consumed.

We are entering a crucial time for the Internet.

Will increased regulation put an end to the free-for-all that we’ve seen to date, or will we see a backlash against the control and a second digital revolution?

Let me know what you think.

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