Foursquare, Ferris Bueller and Facebook

I spotted an interesting use of Foursquare from the Chicago tourism office on PSFK, which demonstrates a neat use of the social location service.

Tourists are being offered the opportunity to unlock a Ferris Bueller badge by emulating experiences from the film.

Posted on their Facebook Page, Foursquare are offering people the chance to say how they’de recreate his day off and win a top notch prize.

This demonstrates several things:

A willingness of people to create content
Geo-location content is customisable
Facebook check-ins will be an important next step

If people are continuingly willing to make, suggest and share, this suggests UGC is definitely not dead and is still a valuable asset for brands who want to get their fans engaged.

By allowing people to play with location-based content, brands can make experiences even more personal ni a way that has so far been limited – couple that with the ongoing developments in augmented reality and you have a very powerful localised service brewing.

Facebook, as the most pervasive social network, has an opportunity to further connect people by locality and do it on their mobiles, to a greater extent than Gowalla or Foursquare because of the sheer size of its userbase. For brands who are already well versed in Facebook Pages, this presence can be further amplified beyond a static Facebook Page which you have to log onto to engage with, but a free roaming brand-by-location approach, something a standard brand page does not yet fulfil.

This could be exciting for brands as people who are out of Foursquare but comfortable on Facebook will find that location and their favourite companies want to engage with them more, and where they are.


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