Spotify TV

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has launched it’s own app for TeliaSonera, providers of digital TV in Sweden and Finland.

This experiments sees the Spotify platform transposed for the Spotify Premium account holding viewing public, allowing them to listen to music through their tellyboxes.

The development is intriguing. It’s not the first time an Internet-based music streaming platform has converged with another medium – and Xbox (disclosure: Edelman client) being the principle merging that comes to mind – and it won’t be the last.

Where this really gets interesting however is the potential for on-demand music videos through the Spotify platform.

Again, this is not a new trick; digital TV channels have been offering this for a while, but not with the same freedom and huge catalogue that a potential Spotify operation could bring.

Spotify have teased us with video recently with the Jimi Hendrix video stream and this further tickles the vehicle of visual content consumption.

Is there a desire to watch music videos in the same manner you’d listen to music online though? About $40bn was spent consuming music through subscription TV in 2009 according to BPI and Future Source data. That, of a $100bn industry is quite a chunk, suggests that there is a business opportunity there for someone.


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