GameCity: Evening of Play

On Tuesday 13 July at The Embassy of Japan, GameCity, the National Videogame Archive and BAFTA are hosting an evening of discussion about play and how it interacts with gaming.

The free, but invite only, evening includes appearances from:

Takahashi Keita, creator of the Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy series of games for Namco Bandai Games, will be reveal his ideas about play and how it informs all his work, from videogames to designing a playground.

Mark Stephenson, designer with Media Molecule, will explore the value of play as a creative tool, as exemplified by their wildly innovative, BAFTA award-winning project, LittleBigPlanet.

Martin Hollis is best known as producer of the BAFTA-winning GoldenEye 007, one of the most critically acclaimed and influential videogames of all time. Most recently his company Zoonami produced Bonsai Barber, for Wii.

The concept of play is of course intrinsically part of gaming, and I think that it is vital that whilst we don’t lose touch with how titles such as Red Dead Redemption or Final Fantasy are shaping the story telling landscape, it’s key to their success that they are all about play.

GameCity also brings together people in a variety of different ways around gaming culture such as art exhibitions, director commentaries, playground building, live recreations of videogames, gigs, gong-shows, three World Records, arcade trails and club nights…

This demonstrates that as with all creative industries, there has to be an ongoing evolution of how people interact with games, online, offline, together or on their own, to make the end product as good as possible.

To apply for a seat, send an email to games(@) with your:
Email address
Telephone number


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