Red Dead Redemption – Not Quite A Review

Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games‘ latest blockbuster title, has sold 5.2 million copies to date and is widely accepted as one of the most important games in recent times, with an astonishing Metacritic score of 95%.

Based on the successful open world engine of GTA IV, the free roaming Western has captured gamers’ imaginations with an extensive non-linear timeline style and seemingly endless multiplayer offering.

Games are now more than ever reliant on a riveting story to back up the amazing graphic possibilities that the new generation of consoles has brought into mainstream entertainment.

It is this story-led approach that has captured the soul of the gaming public who have found themselves playing a character who they have empathy for in John Marston.

The game took more than 5 years to produce and it is a testament to the patience of the Rockstar team that they waited to get this game perfect.

And, now with a loyal following in tow, they have launched the next stage of their strategy to keep gamers hooked: a vast array of DLC.

This further development of the story allows even greater immersion in the game and of course keeps the dollars rolling in for Rockstar.

It rewards gamers who waited so long for the title to come out, encourages more hours on consoles and, vitally, shows that Rockstar know how to engage with a community and keep an audience stoked using the classic drip feed marketing play.

More companies could take a leaf out of their book and apply it to their own offerings to give their consumers a better and more engaging way of interacting with their products and brand. Judging by the respone of the RDR buying fans, it could work if it is applied in such an extensive manner – gaming is leading the way in direct consumer engagement, give them what they want. Easy.


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