UK Productivity Down Due To Social Media

A study by reckons social media has cost the UK economy about £14 billion in lost time. Really?

According to Mashable, the 1,000 respondent strong piece of research reckons that:

55% of the UK’s working population access social media at work and 6% do so for more than an hour each day

Naturally, the report doesn’t go into how much money social media has *actually* generated for the UK economy…

The Washington Post says:

What’s more, there was still widespread resistance to banning access to social networks at work, with over two thirds (68 percent) advocating some form of access during working hours. Only one third wanted sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube barred during work time, demonstrating the growing importance of social media to the daily routine and the widespread resistance to its access being limited.

What this really shows is how pervasive social networking has become and that, like it or not, employers need to be aware of the benefits and issues new technologies can bring and that they need to adapt to a new way of working to reap the rewards.


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