Cate Sevilla Launches Oh My Blog Workshop

Cate Sevilla, editor of tech and lifestyle blog Bitchbuzz, has launched the Oh My Blog Workshop.

The initial sessions will take place atTechHub, on September 23rd at 19:00.

“Stellar Content and the Dark Side of Blogging”, which is comprised of two, 45 minute long sessions, will feature veteran blogger Natalie Lue as a Guest Mentor.

The workshops will be run with the aim of ‘making your blog better’, helping to grow the already burgeoning London blogging scene into an “unstoppable force of creativity and innovation”.

I was lucky enough to ask Cate a couple of questions about the venture…

What was the catalyst for putting the workshops together?

After spending a lot of time this year talking to various PR companies and brands about blogging, and even teaching at blogging classes that were organized by other companies, I realized I wanted to organize and teach at my own workshops. I’ve learned so much over the last five years of blogging, and specifically from setting up BitchBuzz, and I really want to help others and share what I know. I think there’s a lot to be said for openness and collaboration in any community or industry, and I hope that by the mentors at Oh My Blog sharing what we know and by being open, we can help turn the London blogging community into something really fierce.

Who do you hope will attend the sessions?

Anyone in or around London who has a blog that wants to become as savvy and as knowlesgeable about blogging as they can. They can blog professionally or as a hobby. Our workshops would also be perfect for someone hoping to turn their blog into a business.

Who can get involved in future sessions?

Anyone who works in or is involved in an industry or community relevant to our workshop topics. If you’re interested in becoming a guest mentor or partner, or if you have an idea for a workshop topic, you can email me at CATE at BITCHBUZZ DOT COM

Have you got plans to expand the sessions outside of London?

We would love to! We’ll see how the first three go, and if there are enough people outside of London who would like to attend, this is definitely something we’d be keen to do.

Tickets for “Stellar Content and the Dark Side of Blogging” are now on sale for £15 and you can follow the latest developments on Twitter at @OMBworkshop

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