BBC Hypertext Experiment

The BBC are trialling a new hypertext service over their online streamed content.

According to Paid Content:

The BBC’s Andrew Littledale developed a way to show hyperlinks to pages and BBC News stories related to whatever is being said on the live channel.

What I really like about this is that it demonstrates how online content can be utilised to make offline content more useful and to add context to a story.

This could be extended to include relevant resources about the topic being discussed, real-time conversation, images or videos too.

TV is regaining a status of a social activity as we connect online over certain shows or events as they happen through the broadcast medium. That the broadcasters are acknowledging this ever more is fascinating and demonstrates the positive role that the web can play in bringing people together and helping to develop and add value to the experiences they’re sharing.


One thought on “BBC Hypertext Experiment

  1. Hey Matt,

    This will be a great idea and I look forward to seeing how Hypertext could be rolled out more widely beyond news channels. As someone who often searches the web after watching TV to try and discover more information this would be exceptionally useful. Hypertext has the potential to be the innovation that makes TV more interactive. It’s a welcome move.



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