Wikileaks shifting free speech rules

Free speech rights are set to take a turn for the better as the US Supreme Court seeks to rule on recent events brought about by the publication by Wikileaks of controversial US military records.

The Guardian has reported that it is likely that the US Supreme Court is likely to favour Wikileaks given the probability that the release of the data will be the catalyst for legislation.

The Afghan war has been rumbling on and this latest twist could, from a point of view of the publishing of secret data, be one one of the most impactful.

This demonstrates just how the digital age will continue to infiltrate the traditional order and to shape the way we live.

The knives have been out for Wikileaks for a while and whilst any judgement may not totally prevent further legal proceedings, it will set a precedent that will echo for a long time yet.

Wikileaks, the long-time advocate of freedom of speech and freely available information of national, and international, importance, has become the unlikely footnote to the Afghan conflict.


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