Social Media in the US Mainstream

One of the biggest differences in the media here in Washington, and that of London, is the prevalence of social media on broadcast channels.

On Friday, during a wusa9 news report, Google trends was cited as a source when identifying the awareness of a Democratic rally that was due to take place on Saturday.

The point was that as Google trends hadn’t picked up a large volume of search data, nobody had heard of it.

Most news anchors share their Twitter handles and blog URLs, including the sports hosts – it’s the exceptional few who don’t.

This is happening a lot more in the UK, but you get the impression that it seen as a chore.

But it was that use of Google trends that really caught my eye and made me realise that in many ways, our media are still stuck in the traditional ways of identifying and reporting interest and zeitgeist.

Imagine Huw Stephens saying, “And according to Google Trends, the latest TFL strike has caused the most consternation with the general public”.

It simply won’t happen until traditional media casts off its hang ups and becomes more dynamic and tuned in to new tools and technologies that can help them offer another point of view and subsequently a better service to the public.


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