Frieze Art Fair 2010

The Frieze Art Fair came to London’s Regent’s park last week, showcasing some of the newest works from upcoming and established artists.

However, at £25 a pop for tickets, Ghostontoast and I decided instead to wander around the sculpture garden that accompanied the exhibition, instead of joining the long queues!

The variety of work on show was excellent, with diverse structures, shapes and colours adding to a fine autumnal stroll round the garden of the park.

My particular favourite was a big blown up balloon with Bert from Sesame Street on one side, annotated with the word ‘not’, and an image of a man who looks suspiciously like Jesus, labelled with the word ‘hot’.

It would have been great to actually go into the fair itself, and the high entry fee only goes to continue the view of art as an elitist interest that is not welcoming to outsiders, despite their wanting to consume and become involved, in whatever capacity they can.

The price was in stark contrast with the gorgeous surroundings of regent’s park, which was, literally, priceless.


3 thoughts on “Frieze Art Fair 2010

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  2. Great post Matt. I think you make a very important point that culture should be available for everyone not just those who can afford it.

    I’m hopeful the government will continue to ensure that our many great museums remain free at the point of access.

    Hope you had a good weekend?


  3. I think that’s a great point – if the government can continue to subsidise the arts so that it’s available to everybody, the greater access will inspire more people to become a part of something that will, hopefully, prove beneficial to the country over a long period of time.

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