Social Media in Brent

Brent Council are running a 6 week course starting Wednesday 3rd November, aimed at helping local residents get into social media.

Between 3pm – 5pm at Willesden Green Library, the one session a week programme looks to teach people about the benefits of blogging and Facebook, as well as developing practical skills such as getting the best images from your digital camera or selecting which mobile phone is best for you.

Places are limited and advance booking will be required. For more information call 020 8937 3400.

As ever, any education that can be offered to people who aren’t familiar with social media, the better – the fact that this is a council-led initiative makes it the more pleasing to see.


One thought on “Social Media in Brent

  1. You know many people don’t genuinely know the benefits of running a blog. Or even just the amount of hard work that goes into building a blog website. Honestly blogging and site-building is often a ton of fun and a great way to progress a brand or internet business.

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