Team Dynamics

I have often thought team, as a word, is more symbolic than tangible.

It is one of those that is used in unnecessary phrases, a word that becomes a cliche.

However, no matter how big or small your team, creating an atmosphere that exacerbates ‘team’ as a reality, rather than a concept, is key.

The Internet has bred a group of people who believe in team and pluralism, not ‘i’ll and individualism. These are the people developing new technologies and concepts that will change our perceptions and actuality.

Those who seek to divide and put in place artificially constrained structures do nothing but inhibit growth and evolution of culture, a move designed to limit and control what they do not want to understand.

It is understandable.

But, it is behind the collaborative times we find ourselves in.

People, as they do, will find their way. A team will select, analyse and work through it’s way, regardless of barrier.

I do not believe in restrictions or constraints, just an unwillingness to learn, be educated and adapt according to what loss ahead. It can be changed, but it takes more than cheerleaders to alter the result of an obvious game.


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