GetGlue – Get It

GetGlue is a check-in based social network that, much like Foursquare, rewards users for signing in to a variety of activities.

Whether it’s listening to your favourite band, watching a TV show or button mashing, you can pick up ‘stickers’ for checking-in and become a respected member of the community be providing reviews or advice to other users. Naturally there are also iPhone and Android apps to allow you to check in on the move.

My only gripe about GetGlue is that there is no tactile recognition when you are selecting options or checking-in, something that I’m sure will be looked at in time.

What’s more, GetGlue has a recommendation engine to give you new things to listen, hear and play.

Unlike Foursquare, there are a far greater range of unique ‘stickers’ to earn for TV shows and a few for bands too.

What I really like about GetGlue is that it is genuinely quite fun and can become seriously addictive, two key ingredients in growing a social network userbase.

GetGlue hasn’t yet started to take off in the UK, but given the growth on social media pervasiveness, it is only a matter of time before this social check-in service gets the wider attention it deserves.

As ever, you can follow me at, as if you couldn’t guess :-)


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