Twitter Analytics Wishlist

Twitter Analytics are a much talked about subject, and soon their in-house developed package will be available, for free.

Twitter has revolutionised the way that brands can talk with their customers but measuring the exact impact of those conversations has so far been left in the domain of third party developers.

So, as a comms type, here’s three things I’d like to see from the package – let me know in the comments what you want.

Official numbers on trending topics

If I manage to get my brand’s hashtag trending, I want to know how many people it took to mention it, and over what time period to make it trend.

Potential Reach

I can already know, using a URL shortener with a decent stats pack, how many people clicked on my links and when, but I’d like to know how many people may have seen my brand’s tweet in their streams, how many retweets it had and how many people that may have exposed the content to.

Search Volumes

Twitter user’s use of language is different to that of bloggers, for example. I want to know what search terms people are using to find relevant content, and to what extent, so that I can optimise my tweet content accordingly. Not to spam, but to make sure they may pick up on a piece of content that is useful to them.

So what do you want from the new Twitter stats?


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