Wikileaks Links

I’ve read quite a lot about the Wikileaks saga over the past week or so and I’m trying to absorb as much information and opinion as I can given that it is one of the most important political events in the last decade or so.

Not only does it demonstrate the importance of transparency, it will affect the way that behind-closed-doors communication takes place, forcing more information into the open, but keeping top secret data, even further from the public domain.

Here’s five posts that I highly recommend you take a look at:

Bruce Shneier: Wikileaks

Clay Shirky: Wikileaks and the Long Haul

Jeff Jarvis: Wikileaks: Power shifts from secrecy to transparency

Liberal Conspiracy: The assault on WikiLeaks threatens free speech and democracy itself

Light Blue Touch paper: Wikileaks, security research and policy

2 thoughts on “Wikileaks Links

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