SMEs Using Digital in the Downturn

A new Business Culture Index survey has indicated that UK SMEs are increasingly looking to digital solutions to help grow their businesses.

UK’s 4.7 million SMEs, 38% set themselves aggressive growth targets.

Of the UK’s 4.7 million SMEs, 38% set themselves aggressive growth targets and

… more than one in ten exploit mobile marketing internet sites or services for business, compared to only 2% of those SMEs not seeking to grow.

The report points out that:

In a market where mobile internet penetration amongst mobile phone-owning consumers has only reached 33% to date (TGI GB Q4 data), this shows a keen appreciation of getting on board with a burgeoning trend early and exploiting it before competitors pick it up.

Additionally, social networks are being used in greater numbers than before too:

18% of all SMEs and 23% of those with ambitious growth forecasts use social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin to market themselves. Company websites are also of particular importance for SMEs seeking to market themselves (used by 25% of SMEs), along with recommendations/word of mouth (29%) and door drops (15%).

The Kantar Media survey just goes to re-iterate that digital is vital to helping business grow in the ever changing communications space.


One thought on “SMEs Using Digital in the Downturn

  1. Great post Ben. In a survey of over 40 Yorkshire companies I did in November 10, how SME are certainly using social media came through loud and clear. The are using social media as a means of creating opportunities for new biz (whether that’s new clients or collaboration) or marketing or engagement with their customers, the difference between SME vs Larger companies was very distinct.

    I truly believe in digital darwinism, those companies adopting the new technolgies will creating a competitive advantage compared to those that don’t. The gap will become more obvious when the economy starts to grow and people are looking at spending – whether that’s B2C or B2B, it’s equally important.

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