Foursquare Comments Are The Key

Foursquare LogoFoursquare the 4.5 million user strong location based social network, finally integrated comments before the holiday period.

This is a feature many have been requesting for some time and will now be an under-stated component of a brand’s social media presence.

Comments can be published when you check-in to a venue, or whilst you are on site. This means that users with itchy trigger fingers can instantly share their experiences of a venue on that venue’s Foursquare profile, unmoderated.

It means that if you’re social media savvy, you’ll be monitoring those comments with an eagle eye to see what people like and dislike about the place they’re at – your brand.

It is the equivalent of scratching a message into the pub table you’re sat at so that future patrons can see what you thought of the surroundings, service and product.

Imagine walking into a bar, sitting at a table and reading, etched into the top surface of said table “flat beer, leaky bathroom, too expensive”

Would you hang around to get the same experience or make your excuses and leave for somewhere better?

Or it’s a Monday night and you’re looking for something to do locally, so you check out the comments venues near to you. One, for a local comedy club says “Monday night comics are the worst, best come Saturday”, another, for a Spanish restaurant says “Fish is freshest on Monday, and it’s 1/3 off too!”.

Do you go to the comedy club or get something to eat?

Brands must make sure that the customer’s offline experience is perfect, especially if they’re aware that you’re promoting yourself on Foursquare and in-store.

And, what’s more, if you are a brand that hasn’t checked what venues exist that you should be claiming as yours, how will you know what may or may not be being said?

I’d suggest taking a look at your locations, see if anything is being said, and work out what you need to do to make sure when a comment is left, that it’s positive and entices people to pay you a visit.


6 thoughts on “Foursquare Comments Are The Key

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  3. Agree. Very important to make sure offline experience is very good – not just with Foursquare, but similarly all the Facebook updates in the world from a local pub won’t make it one of your favourites if the beer’s warm. Adore the ‘written on the table’ analogy.

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